Breaking Barriers



Business Basics

Goal Setting

None of your working will go far if you don't know where you're going. Goal setting is the most critical thing you can do. Here is an excellent article (Word format) that will help you. Clue - make a new goal before you finish the first. That way you don't have limbo time where you lose focus and momentum.

Product Knowledge

Team Building

Let's Talk Business - Making money

Customer Service

Follow up - the training I gave on June 23rd at the training center. (Word format)


Sometimes we find ourselves stymied by the overwhelming nature of the clutter in our lives.  This is not MK, but some fun ideas I found for decluttering.  Don't take too long with them, they could become an excuse rather than moving forward.


Build your own

Did you know you can build your own fliers? Professional results with a click of your mouse. Log on to InTouch and navigate from >Business to >Build your own.

Once you have finished, you can either print them at home or upload them to FedEx for professional printing and laminating (if desired).  Be sure to sign up for a FedEx discount as well.  You can use it for all your FedEx/Kinko's needs (as allowed).